Utilisation des cookies

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file placed on your computer, tablet or mobile, when you're visiting a website.

Cookies enable websites to recognise your browser and are not harmful for your device. They are used to collect information about your choices and preferences, enabling for example to tailor the content displayed on webpages. They aim to improve the user experience.

Cookies cannot be used in order to identify individuals. In general, information collected by cookies are the domain name from where the cookie come from, the lifetime of the cookie, and a value, which is generally a unique number randomly generated.

Which types of cookies are used on Gopili?

  • Functional cookies : used to remember and record your preferences, choices and thus tailor the content of our website according to your use and needs.
  • Technical cookies : essential in order for our website to function properly.
  • Performance cookies : collect information about how you use our services across our website. It helps us improve how our website works.
  • Advertising cookies : used to display ads from Gopili or third parties on websites.
  • The social network cookies: enable to share the content with other people or to inform them that you have consulted the website or to give your opinion regarding a specific content from the website. We can use the following social networks on our website: Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

All collected information remain anonymous and do not allow to identify individuals.

The company KELBILLET which publishes gopili uses third party services to understand your use of this website, in order to optimise your user experience and display advertisements outside this site. These third parties can also use cookies that we do not monitor. These cookies are probably analytical-performance cookies or targeting cookies.

At any time, you are able to refuse the use of cookies on your device. To have a look at the process, please visit the Help section of your web browser. You will find all of the information for disabling cookies.

Please note : If you decide to turn off cookies, it is likely that some functionalities of our website will not be accessible anymore or will not work correctly. You might not get the best experience possible. At the same time, if you decide to disallow advertising cookies, web advertising will be maintained but it will not take into account your preferences. Thus, it will be less relevant for you.